Vision, Mission & Philosophy


To be the most reputable construction company that creates proud Stakeholders.


  • Creating a family-oriented culture that produce people with uncompromising integrity.
  • Delivering high quality work through solution and service excellence.
  • Maintaining the company’s growth through the relationship with like-minded clients.


With more than 50 years, WKC has been developed into a construction company that
keep onward the companies principles and also become our business ethics.

We do the right thing. WKC is a business based on trust as we remain true to our
founding values of quality, honesty and hard work.
We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients. Our high standards of service,
quality, and personal attention to clients earned us the respect to build some of
the highest profile, often one-of-a kind, projects in Indonesia.
WKC is built upon time-tested values of excellence and integrity.
The reliability of our performance and the enduring quality of our projects,
are evidenced in our quality work for our customers.
Vision, Mission & Philosophy